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House of John Player and Remi Martini Quartet

Thursday 29 March / Doors 8pm / £6 (£5 in advance)
House of John Player 
House of John Player is the one-man pop project of Dean Spacer. Using guitar, keyboard and vocals-of-an-impressive-reach pumped into a loop pedal and soaked in delay to capture everything all at once. Essentially sampling himself and bouncing off of varying delay times to force out catchy and melodic anti-pop gems. Player's songs are inventive and refreshing with live shows enticing audiences as magic unfolds, despite its ability to easily fall into the 'one man and a loop pedal' category. Formerly of once-unknown no-mark UK town Bletchley, currently residing in Lyon to complete a new album and participating in activities alongside DIY heroes Grrrnd Zero, Dean has also recently shared tours with locals from both sides of the pond including Action Beat (Southern, UK), Clara Clara (Clapping Music, FR) Dustin Wong (Thrill Jockey, US) and NED (Africantape, FR). 
Remi Martini Quartet 
The Remy Martini Quartet make heavy synth pop using keyboards, samples, drums, bass and dual vocals. They sound somewhere between Buddy Holly and Lightning Bolt. The band is brand new, but the boys are a bunch of Bletchley old-timers stoking the last of the local Fortissimo fire. The Quartet features members of Action Beat and The Crease, and dedicates everything they ever do to the legendary jazz singer, Remy Martini RIP.