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MK Mobility Strategy 2018 to 2036

A Review of the 2011 Transport Plan
Presented by the Fred Roche Foundation
Thursday 12 October / 7pm / £3
Like all cities Milton Keynes is a city in transition, a city faced by unprecedented change brought about by the pressures of rapid growth, environmental issues and accelerated advancements in IT and digital technologies, some are liking this to a third age revolution. 
At the heart of this is the need for a healthy liveable city that is resilient to climate change and where peoples’ ability to move around the city is maximised; a reasonable objective that brings challenges, one that points towards low carbon solutions that deliver improved air quality, uncongested roads and a mobility network accessible to all.
Advancements in transport technology, IT vehicle technology and innovative transport systems provide the potential for a radical low carbon solution. Will electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, the driverless cars and new service systems, whether demand responsive transport (DRT) systems or personalised rapid transit (PRT) systems be appropriate for delivering sustainable travel in a suburban area like Milton Keynes?  
Many cities are currently engaged in developing transport strategies that will deliver low-carbon solutions. Over the past year MK Council has started to develop a new draft strategy that will offer solutions to these challenges. Plan:MK and the Milton Keynes Futures 2050 Commission work are contributing to this work and will feed into a review and refresh of the Transport Vision and Strategy that was adopted in 2011.
MK Council has appointed consultants AECOM to undertake a review and refresh of the current Transport Vision and Strategy (Local Transport Plan 3 – 2011-2031) and all its sub strategies. These include the Cycling Strategy, Road Safety Strategy, ITS Strategy, CMK Transport & Parking Strategy and will develop a Mobility Strategy for Milton Keynes 2018-2036. 
At this talk officers from MK Council and members of the AECOM team will be presenting their findings to date based on the work that has been carried out since their appointment in April. The final report will provide a comprehensive mobility strategy for Milton Keynes up to a 2036 horizon. 
Join us and contribute to the debate that will follow the presentation. Milton Keynes is building a reputation for itself as a centre of innovation and future city thinking and is leading the way on a number of ground breaking mobility programmes. Could this strategy represent an exemplar for future cities?