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Zaimph, Caleb Madden with Yumino Seki and Bad Body

Thursday 3 August / doors 8pm / £5 in advance, £6 on the door
Zaïmph is the solo project of artist, musician and performer Marcia Bassett. Zaïmph’s recordings and performances shimmer with a dense, dissonant and often unsettling electronic aura, shot through with flashes of meditative beauty. Her preferred sonic toolkit includes prepared guitar, keyboard, cracked drum machines, custom-built noise/drone boxes, processed environmental sounds and table top effects.
Bassett’s releases have appeared on a variety of underground labels including Hospital Productions, Utech Records, Volcanic Tongue and No Fun. Although Bassett has released a number of recordings on her now-retired Heavy Blossom imprint, she continues to showcase Zaïmph and other aesthetically allied projects on Yew, a label she founded in 2012.As a co-founder of Philadelphia’s shambolic psychonauts un, tectonic drone pioneers Double Leopards, and the psych-folk drone trio GHQ, Bassett is deeply entwined with the American noise underground, and has mapped regions still only dimly understood by subsequent sonic travelers. From 2003-2008, Bassett joined Matthew Bower in Hototogisu, where her mastery of cacophonous eardrum shred achieved monolithic proportions.In addition to her solo project Zaïmph, Bassett collaborates with a wide spectrum of musicians including Samara Lubelski, Barry Weisblat, Andrew Lafkas, and Helga Fassonaki.
Yumino Seki is an internationally respected movement artist and a specialist in the progressive Japanese practice of Butoh. Caleb Madden is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder member of the respected and long-running sonic arts collective The Spirit of Gravity. This performance will use physical movement, a prepared strip-light, and a magnetic coil to produce a visceral and delicate interplay of noise, light, and the human form. This improvised collaborative work seeks to move away from the facile associations of machismo and power that often inform the creation and reception of noise performance. Focusing on the positive somatic and cerebral experiences available within the field of noise the artists work toward re-invigorating the political agency of extreme performance. The piece offers a re-engagement with the often elided physicality of perception and affect, seeking an upgraded and empowered standpoint from which to counter the death-rattle, cyber-machinations of a hyper-accelerated, hyper-networked world.
Bad Body
Information coming soon.